Pyramid of Hope

There are few days every week I wonder why I want to build a self awareness community, as the rewards aren’t salient and the success isn’t tangible. I’ve asked myself if in fact self awareness is the panacea of all of our human sufferings then why aren’t there more people practicing it. Before I give up entirely on encouraging self awareness for others, I know personally it has transformed my life from a path of defiance and resistance to one truly living. I ponder how Super Bowl tickets are sold with much less effort than my book sales. I continue my social inquiry with the thought that stadium-seated churches are filled with a greater willingness than are self awareness workshops. I come to the possible answer that in the short term we humans seek pleasure over pain. Our solution to traffic is to make the roads wider, our remedy for health concerns is curative medicine rather than preventative care. We address our immediate angst not realizing how we are fueling the fire. We get on bandwagons of societal conditioning thwarting our transcendence to our own awakening. In Abraham Maslow’s [1] theory of personality, he explains that the needs of humans don’t always reach self-actualization.



I don’t completely agree with this hierarchy of need possibly through my own dogma that the sole purpose of life is to love and be loved, and if you have achieved that through the journey of self awareness then self actualization can be achieved.

I recently attended a seminar taught by Dr. Holakouee [2] and learned of the possible theory that all of our actions can be traced back to the quality and duration of if and when we were breast fed. The understanding of life/death, pleasure/pain, and security were all introduced to us when and if we were nursed with our mother’s milk.

I would be taking an abject leap to say those who go to the Super Bowl and not sub-scribe to my website didn’t get breast fed properly. However, there is some understanding that self awareness is not our first nutrient in life. So if you’ve read thus far then you are already on an advance course of your meal. Some can live a long life eating mediocre food, but wouldn’t you prefer thriving in life knowing that you studied what was good for you and foods that didn’t work for you?

Moment by moment we can fall in the different tiers of hierarchal need. Let’s journey to-gether to help build a cushioned foundation so that if we do fall backwards then our community will help us rise to our higher selves.