Creative Cure

If I could paraphrase my ardent message it would be that self-awareness is the recourse to live creatively and less reactively.

wigs, creative, chemoIt wasn’t until I started my self-awareness path that I was able to let go of the victim I felt sorry for in myself to the survivor I nurtured through my creativity. Now, it might be some importance to concede that I’m not artistic but I am creative. Those of you that might not pride yourself to have any creativity, I would argue that you just haven’t found it. Being creative doesn’t have to involve paint or sculptures. It can be a strategy that helps release you from feeling trapped.

It can be writing, zentangle, hosting a tea party, exercising or anything else that can attenuate your challenge without causing harm to others. In my window of opportunity during my treatments, it was hair. Or I shall say no hair in the case that I was balding from chemo. From getting henna done on my cranial canvas to styling different wigs, my creativity brought attention to my strength and distanced me from feeling victim to my own self-pity.

This year I ecstatically contributed my creative hairstyling to Austin’s annual Art Bra Fundraiser.

art bra, models, austin art bra, cancer survivor models

This is an annual fundraiser benefitting the Breast Cancer Resource Center. The survivors model from once feeling aesthetically victim to cancer to courageous beauty. I ponder sometimes on how the cancer journey would differ for so many if they could eschew the stigma from the deathly appearance. For some survivors, aesthetics is the last of their concerns while for others feeling healthy means looking healthy. There is a wonderful program called Look Good Feel Better that strives to help women manage the appearance-related side effects of cancer.

Sometimes celebrity models fit every description of what beauty is supposed to look like meanwhile have low self-esteems. In the converse effect, there are heavy set women that wear bikinis on the beach with confidence. Could it be that these women have a creative outlook that has helped them out of victimhood?

Here is a link to another creative soul that is guiding her light from patient to advocacy.

Make sure to see her video blog on “Getting Your Head Wrapped Around Cancer”. She is too creative, if that’s possible.

what we know, how much we don't know, and the dark spot that we are unaware of not knowing

Sometimes our reactive nature is the only way we respond because it’s the only way we know. Sometimes there is a blind spot that we don’t know is blocking us. That’s where insightful friends, family, therapists, and life coaches are vital to our growth.


I wish I could say that every morning we can wake up creative but every day is a new day with a different stimulus that can ignite our creativity or more like incinerate it. It could be environmental, cellular or fear. Often times writers pen with ease when it’s an emotional time and nothing is holding us back from needing to release our sentiments on paper. Writer’s block typically happens when we are so restrained by proper grammar, spelling, and judgments.

My creative block happened for me in the confines of a cubicle. Every day it was becoming more challenging as my creative potential was accumulating. I saw a sticker once that said: “How do you want me to think outside of the box when you have me in one”. The only restriction now that is challenging is time. At some point, you come to the realization that we are all limited in how much we can learn, how much we can help, and how much we can create. That realization allows us to practice self-compassion in order not to block ourselves with the fear of running out of time. Dr. Kristen Neff explains this concisely : 

♥  treating ourselves with compassion that imperfection in us is inevitable and can be appreciated rather than flagellated by our self-abuse

♥  understanding that we are not isolated in our own suffering in that it is a commonality shared in all human suffering

♥  practicing mindful awareness to help us slow our reaction time by simply noticing; not judging ourselves, not over analyzing the situation but simply noticing

It has been a child lived desire stagnated by adolescence and truncated by adulthood to live creatively. I recently found my tribe through Creative Mornings. Creative Mornings is a global community of TED-like minds but for creatives. It starts in the mornings perhaps because that is when we are most creative. As our day goes forward we are stimulated and overstimulated by our reactivity and not creativity, some days to the point of exhaustion. We sleep then we rise and if we use our creativity then we are resilient.

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* How are you living creatively?