About Mitra Mostofi

“Mitra Mostofi is the author of This Was No Coincidence. In her self help memoir she narrates her journey on what it takes to survive an identity crisis as a white immigrant raised in a non affluent black neighborhood, not rich enough to be cool enough with her royal like expat family. She’d had many life altering events, but it wasn’t until she reached a quagmire of life and death thoughts through her own journey with breast cancer at the age of 27 that she found the courage to set out on a self awakening path. 

Her contemplative practice of self awareness has enriched her creativity rather than reactivity to life events. Her second book, Reflections to Enlightenment, is a collection of adages she collected through her own reflections. The path of mindful awareness has untethered self actualization in helping her reach her highest potential. Her background is in the medical field and plans on utilizing the knowledge of the physical health in bridging mind-body awareness.

She moderated an interfaith dialogue in 2015 that successfully brought connectivity through self actualization in a polarizing time. She was on an Overcoming Obstacles panel at the IAW Foundation conference in 2016 and cofacilitated a workshop for young cancer survivors. Included among her speaking engagements have been for the state Mensa Society conference and medical professions.  She is a graduate of More to Life and Landmark Forum.”

When I was asked to speak about self awareness at a Mensa conference themed Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, I quickly thought how on earth or outer space can I relate self awareness to Star Trek. After watching The Final Frontier, I was assured to know that Star Trek is all about self awareness. It was the first of it’s kind to introduce this somewhat vague topic to the general public. I then realized Mitra is by name and mission Sybok. I have a daily journey in crossing the Great Barrier in our Final Frontier.  The title of my talk was “Self Awareness Starship to Cross the Great Barrier”. The URL domain for Mitra was already taken so I came up with Mitraship. I vision building a self awareness community virtually, metaphysically and or through my events. We live in our own learning lessons. What we share can help the momentum of selfawareness. Please stay on board with us.


Trailer from the Star Trek V: The Final Frontier by Paramount Movies

The name Mitra originated in Persian mythology a preserver of covenants, protector and keeper of all aspects of interpersonal relationships, angel of the sun. In the Buddhist tradition, Maitreya is a bodhisattva who is to appear on Earth, achieve complete enlightenment, and teach the pure Dharma. In Sanskrit, Mitra means friendship. Mitra is “truth-speaking, … with a thousand ears, … with ten thousand eyes, high, with full knowledge, strong, sleepless, and ever awake.” (Yasht 10.7). [1]