A Conscious Coffee to Help You Stay Woke

Please select one organization that you would want part of the proceeds to go to at the end of the year.

Post on Instagram #CovfefeFund and tag @mitraship so we can help democracy go viral.

1.- Homeboy Industries

There is a stark phrase that should’ve never existed which is the “high school to prison pipeline”. This organization provides opportunities to young men and women previously incarcerated to not return to the discriminatory prison system.

2.- PAIR

Whether you are for immigration or against, it is a nonpartisan issue to help acclimate young refugees displaced from traumatic environments to become contributing citizens of society.

3.- Planned Parenthood

With the recent defunding of planned parenthood, it puts global health at risk. Not only does this community healthcare system provide quality health services and education to the domestic population but also access to health care neglected in foreign countries.

4.- American Civil Liberties

The criminalization of common human rights should never exist in a humane world. American Civil Liberties Union helps stand for our rights in the US unyielding to disabilities, immigration, racial justice, LGBT rights, and all those who are marginalized for equality.

5.- Green Peace 

With the recent defunding of EPA, organizations that promote awareness to global environmental issues are our source to promote solutions vital to our future.